The Base 327 All-You-Can-Eat Special

The Base 327 All-You-Can-Eat Special

The Base 327 All-You-Can-Eat Special is the thirty-second episode of the Base 327 series. It is made in the style of Tomska's asdfmovies and sumkid101's Lego Star Wars specials, as a skit show consisiting of 9 skits. It was released on June 13, 2013 on the BrickUltra YouTube channel.

Sketch 1, "Speeders"Edit

Rico says "I like speeders" and is then hit by a speeder. Reference to asdfmovie2.

Sketch 2, "Eggs, Milk, & Cheese"Edit

Josh Moon is controlling Fox and has something to do with eggs and droids and he destroy the base sort of. Based on Bread & Milk.

Sketch 3, "Introducing Mike"Edit

The 3rd sketch is based on Introducing Mike from

Sketch 4, "Snowman"Edit

The fourth sketch is a scene from the canceled Base 327 prequel. A snowtrooper builds a snowman and a clone shoots it and the snow trooper shoots with a rocket launcher the clone.

Sketch 5, "Duel"Edit

Two troopers do a blasters at dawn battle but they have it the next morning when one shoots the other he starts screaming. After the injured one is taken to a emergency ROFLcopter.

Sketch 6, "Leedle Leedle Leedle Lee"Edit

Sketch 6 is based on a scene on SpongeBob.

Sketch 7, "Lame Sitcom"Edit

This sketch is loosely based on Dog with a Blog on Disney Channel, and other lame sitcoms.

Sketch 8, "Geico Commercial"Edit

It explains why Excited Clone is always excited by drinking sugar in the morning. Based on the "Happier Than" Geico ads.

Sketch 9, "Tasty"Edit

Josh Moon is eating and says "Tasty".