Base 327 - Snowtrooper Loves Fox

Base 327 - Snowtrooper Loves Fox

Snowtrooper Loves Fox is the 39th episode of Base 327 and is currently the newest episode. It was uploaded to YouTube on May 27th, 2017

Plot Edit

The episode has Snowtrooper looking for Fox. Once she finds him, she asks him to go on a date. Fox then agrees and then realizes what he just did and almost barfs. Red then tells him not to because the Janitor just cleaned up Mike's fish barf. Mike then appears and says "This is a cameo".

Trivia Edit

This episode has a cameo appearance of Bridge and Gus from Clone Training Center. Supposedly they were sent to Base 327 for being defective, but that's not confirmed. In the episode, Snowtrooper asks Bridge if he has seen Fox, and he says he saw him heading to the rec room.