Savage Opress with Darth Maul.

Savage Opress is a sith apprentis and brother to fellow dathomerian, Darth maul. Savage appears in Christmas at Base 327 4, waiting to fight Santa with Darth Maul next to him. Savage is pumped and has trained hard to battel the lightsaber master and protector of Christmas but all of Savage's dreams of fighting Santa go away when cyborg General Grivous, the person who told the two sith brothers to come tells them to not even bother going in the clones command center which had just been modified by the clones of Base 327 to make it Christmas themed. After this dissapointment, Savage continues to follow his brother on his jorney of revenge on jedi master Obi-Wan at the end of Star Wars the Clone wars Season Five. This choice starts a chain reaction that leads to Savages death on the suposed peace planet, Mandalor. Which is 25 lighyears from Deviss V, the planet where base 327, Base 326, and a blue brick colored Wal-Mart are based. Savage appears in no other scenes or Base 327 movies, and has no lines.