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O'Brien is an Irish clone who came to Base 327 along with Bomby, Bomber, and Arf in a Christmas present. He has an awesome accent and he likes to drink ale, rum, whiskey, Guiness, and other assorted Irish drinks. He can usually be found lying drunk around the base with a bottle in his hands.


O'Brien makes a brief appearence in "ARF Trooper". Rico is talking to Fox on the phone and tells Fox that ARF is shooting people who call him ARFy by accident and says that he is shooting O'Brien right then. O'Brien says, "I just be sayin' it'd be a funny name, no?" Then ARF says, "No one calls me ARFy!"

In "Christmas at Base 327 3" O'Brien also makes a brief appearence. At the beginning he thanks the AT-AT pilot for egg nog. What he says is, "Why, this be mighty tasty. Thank ya' lady for introducin' me to egg nog drink. It be tastyer (more tasty would be grammatically correct but he says tastyer) than ale."

In "New Recruits" O'Brien has an important appearence. When Rico is talking to Fox, ARF has a gun pointed at O'Brien (probabaly for calling him ARFy by accident). Next, when Rico goes to the flashback, O'Brien starts talking first. After Rico asks the four recruits who they are, O'Brien says, "Aye, we be the new recruits, ladie. Come on, why don't we introduce ourselves, no? I be O'Brien. I be an Irish clone, no? (Yeah, he says no a lot.) Mornin' to ya'." After everyone else introduces theirselves and ARF threatens to shoot Rico after he asks if he can call him ARFy O'Brien says, "Yeah, you best be watchin' out for him. He's dark."

In "Valentine's Day Extrav-O-Ganza" O'Brien  will be seen drinking his beer or whatever that is and dances with Bomby, Bomber, Empire Pilot and Squeaky.

In "A Few St. Paddy's Pint's" He will be seen cheering and drinking with a few clones and gets very drunked that he falls down the floor and probably he is outcold.

Also in "Captain Norris" he may be laying on the ground most likly drunk.


O'Brien is a commando officer

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