New Guy

The real New Guy shows up after the wrong one gets the tour.

Boris, more commonly known as the New Guy, is a Phase II clone who was transferred to Base 327 from an unknown base. He was mistakenly sent to Base 326 and Base 326's New Guy went to Base 327. He arrived after a large explosion in the shooting gallery when someone accidentally shot the power generator. Excited Clone is obsessed with him, often running up to him and shouting "I wanna see the new guy!". In one appearance, he even threatens to shoot him, stating he has been there for 2 years (He does not seem to have a problem with everyone else calling him "New Guy"). He, like most other clones, hates The Commander's holiday parties and would rather die than go to one of them. Because of their identical appearance, he may be mistaken with The Lightsaber Clone. To distinguish them, Lightsaber Clone is voiced by Tristan Davis and has a lightsaber.

Trivia Edit

New Guy

In TaylorPlaceProductions's video "What ever happened to Base 327??? (and other things), towards the end of the video, we are shown what a few Base 327 characters could look like in the future. New Guy is shown as being slightly updated with new armor and a different helmet entirely. This design is currently not used in the series.

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