Mystery at Base 327 is an upcoming film in the Base 327 series. It will be a remake of ThatGuy501st's video 327 Mystery. The film will be uploaded in two parts, as two episodes, with a week or two in between.
Mystery at Base 327 Part 1

Mystery at Base 327 Part 1

Part 1Edit

The Commander puts his lightsaber, he turn out the light, takes off his armour, takes his pills while two clone wonder who he is talking to.

The next day The Commander calls for New Guy and Arf telling them someone stole his lightsaber and tells them to find out who it is and punish him. Arf then ask why dosn't Red Squadron do it then The Commander says busy playing video games.

After watching security fottage they learn there are three clone who entred his room, Stan, Excited Clone and The Janitor.

In the Interrogation room they call for Stan who wonder why the room is in ceper tone and sys he didn't steal the lightsaber but went in to see of Medic Who (Doctor Who) was on TV only to learn it's time was changed to Sunday.

Later they interviewed The Exicited Clone who keeps saying "I want to see The New Guy!" with New Guy saying "Why do I even bother."

Later they interviewed The Janitor and accused his due to the events in New Year's at Base 327 when he didn't get a lightsaber but The Janitor said the lightsaber was gone when he went to clean The Commander's room.

New Guy then tells Arf to get The Commander knowing he solved the case and tells Arf to turn off the ceper tone but found out he became colour blind.

To be Continued.

Part 2Edit

new guy and arf told he commander that the lightsaber stoler is either the janitor stan or the exicited clone

the commander began to cry believe that the janitor is not the lightsaber thief new guy told the commander that he didn't do it he oly clean his room

then new guy said that stan didn't do it either new guy investigating his tv and it indeed wasn't working

later new guy turn to the exicited clone. the commander wonder what they are going to do with him

but new guy said the exicited clone didn't do it either he told him that he didn't leave his bed last night