"He Said No...""I can verify that" clone"New clone" guy
"Sorry" clone224327
ARFARF's Brother ArfyARF Trooper: A Base 327 Short
A Few St. Paddy's Pints (Base 327 Version)Accident outside Base 327Alex
Ambush in Base 327 hallwayArf's Brother ArfyArfy
Arrival of the New GuyArrival of the New RecruitsAstromech Droids
B2 Super Battle DroidBase 326Base 327
Base 327- OriginsBase 327: The New GuyBase 327 (film)
Base 327 + Base 326Base 327 Battle DroidBase 327 Costume Contest
Base 327 WikiBase 327 and the Dark HalloweenBase 711
Battle DroidBattle Droid's Valentine's CelebrationBattle at Walmart
Battle of Base 327Bomby's dogBomby and Bomber
Bomby and bomber save the day.wmvBridgeCaptain Norris
Captain Norris (episode)Chain gun cloneChris
Christmas at Base 327Christmas at Base 327 2Christmas at Base 327 3
Christmas at Base 327 4Commander GillyCommander loney
Concert for the New GuyCoruscantCount Dooku
Creepy SteveDRUGS: A Warning from Base 327Darrop IV
Darth MaulDarth VaderDave Filoni
Dave filoniDroid popper cloneDuel on Easter
Dule on Christmas EveExcited CloneExplosion at Base 327
Explosion in The Commander's roomFailed Prank on The JanitorFight in Base 327 repair shop
FoxFox Gets a VisorFrozen Clone
Gary the GoblinGeneral GreviousGeorge
George LucasGusGus (Clone Training Center)
HansHappy Halloween!Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Happy Thanksgiving!Happy Valentine's Day!IG-100 Magnaguard
Imperial Base 327Important BusinessIncident in the Kitchen
Jewish cloneJosh MoonJulian
Kwaanza CloneKwanzaa CloneLego Anakin
LeoLights Out!Lightsaber Clone
Lightsaber duels on ChristmasList of Base 327 charactersList of Base 327 episodes
List of the Commander's CostumesLittle SurpriseMallet
Merry Christmas!MikeMission to save Easter
Mouse DroidMy review of base 327Mystery at Base 327
New GuyNew Recruits: A Base 327 ShortNew Year's at Base 327
New Years CelebrationO'BrienObedience School
Other BasesOther SnowtrooperPoster clone 1 and Poster clone 2
Preparation for Santa's arrivalPut Your Armor Back OnR4 Astromech
Random Bottomless PitRedRed Squadron
Red Squadron's RoomRed Squadron's Very Not-Scary HalloweenRed Squadron Goes Shopping
Red Squadron Goes to the MoviesRed Squadron Saves EasterRico
Rico Tells Fox a JokeRinging ears cloneRoy
Roy's FriendSantaSavage Opress
Screaming cloneShooting GallerySkirmish in the Kitchen
Skirmish on ChristmasSleeping QuarterSleepy
SnowtrooperSnowtrooper Loves FoxSqueaky
StanStormtrooperTaylor Davis
The "Get out of my Face" cloneThe AT-AT pilotThe Announcer
The ArgumentThe Base 326 CommanderThe Base 327 All-You-Can-Eat Special
The Base 327 Valentine's Day Extrav-O-Ganza!!!The Clone Mourning Over the PeanutThe Commander
The Commander's CostumeThe CookThe Giant Peanut
The Guy that Falls in to the Random Bottomless PitThe JanitorThe Jet Pack Troopers
The KitchenThe Lightsaber CloneThe Mess Hall
The Random Bottomless PitThe Shadow TrooperThe Shooting Gallery
The Snow troopersThe clone at the beginning of Mystery at Base 327 part 1The guy that tripped
The other other snowtrooperTomTony & Bill
Tour of Base 327Tristan DavisTristan davis
Unnamed clone officerValentine's Day CelebrationWalking: A Base 327 Short
WalmartWalmart CashierWalmart janitor
Wrong New GuyYes there is a Base 327 Wiki...
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File:Merry Christmas!File:Mess Hall.jpgFile:Mike.png
File:Mouse.pngFile:Mystery at Base 327 Part 1File:NEW RECRUITS - A Base 327 Short
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File:New Recruits .pngFile:New Year's at Base 327File:New years celebration (base327).png
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File:PIC 9162.JPGFile:Peanut.jpgFile:Put your armor back on.
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File:The-Commander-Explosion .pngFile:The Base 327 All-You-Can-Eat SpecialFile:The Base 327 Valentine's Day Extrav-O-Ganza!!!
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