Lego Anikan

A photo of Lego Anakin in the new guy

Lego Anakin appears in almost all of Taylor's videos. He is an Episode III scarred version of Anakin and is missing his hair. He can be spotted as the dark figure in the crowd (other than the Imperal Shadowtrooper named Bob). In Red Squadron Goes Shopping, when Rico walks up to "cheese universe" his head was spotted on the second row farthest right and again behind the Walmart Cashier at the end of the stopmotion video. One big thing we know about Lego Anakin is that he likes plain cheese pizza which he thinks is a rare Lego Star Wars galaxy just like he thinks his soon to be transformation to Darth Vader is just him going to get a flu shot but really he is about to become the galaxy's most evil Sith lord and a very mean boss.