The Janitor holding Grievous' head.

 General Grevious is a character who has appeared in 2 Episode's

Christmas at Base 327 and Christmas at Base 327 4. In both episode's he try's to pass off as being a "Skinny Clone", but is always caught by Santa when his clone helmet falls off. In Christmas at base 327 4 he brought Count Dooku with him, and the two tried to kill Santa, but of course failed. On the way out of the base Grivous, caring Dooku's yellow lego head, pass by Darth Maul and his brother, Savage Oppress, who are battel ready but Grivous tells them not to even bother attacking Santa and his green doubel bladed lightsaber. F.Y.I Grivous has black armor that he uses on night missons or late night sith disco parties.

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