PIC 5655




Base 327


Red Squadron, Base 327, Grand Army of the Republic


Red, Rico (occasionally), ARF, New Guy/Boris (possibly), Base 326 Commander, Base 326 officer (possibly)


DX-47 Rocket Launcher, Blasters, Jokes, Red Hot Sause and Coffee.


Battle Droids, Super-Battle Droids, Snowtrooper, The Commander, dancing and slow music.

First Appearance:

Christmas at Base 327: Part of the clones from the beginning celebrating for Santa's arrival

Red Squadron Goes Shopping: First identified as Fox


Christmas at Base 327, Happy Valentine's Day!, Base 327: The New Guy, Red Squadron Goes Shopping, DRUGS- A Warning from Base 327, Happy Halloween!, WALKING- A Base 327 Short, Christmas at Base 327 2, NEW RECRUITS- A Base 327 Short, The Base 327 Valentine's Day Extrav-O-Ganza!!!, Red Squadron Saves Easter, Red Squadron Goes to the Movies, ARF TROOPER- A Base 327 Short, Put your armor back on., Red Squadron's Very Not-Scary Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving!, Christmas at Base 327, bomby and bomber save the day.wmv, Rico Tells Fox a Joke, Captain Norris, Base 327 and the Dark Halloween, Christmas at Base 327 4, Imperial Base 327

Fox is the leader of Red Squadron. He is based off of the real Commander Fox of the TV Series. He is voiced by Josh Moon in all the Base 327 films except for Christmas at Base 327 2, where he was voiced by Kurtis Theorin.


Fox is often very serious about things, but can be sarcastic at times. A brave clone, Fox can take on the most of all tasks, especially the Commander's special tasks. Fox tries his best to lead his fellow Red Squadron, but often gets dragged into trouble, often by Rico, or just time itself. Fox is also very impatient.


Rico: Fox often tries his best to stop Rico from getting into trouble, despite he often splits the team up. He also tries to acknowledge Rico, but usually doesn't have an effect.

Red: Red is like the scout in Red Squadron. like Fox, he tries to help Rico avoid trouble. Unlike Fox, Red keeps Rico company, even though he agrees with Fox's thoughts and respects him.

The Commander: Fox always respects The Commander and is usually loyal to him but sort of hates him. Fox is ready to take on any job The Commander assigns him and his comrades.

Snowtrooper: Snowtrooper has a huge affection for Fox. However, Fox has no feelings for Snowtrooper except how annoyed he feels. He constantly hits, chases, or injures him as a reminder to "stay away", (like occasionally whacking him with a rifle on Valentines Day) but it doesn't help much. Snowtrooper just keeps coming and coming.


  • Fox reading the paper.
  • Fox laughing with his chums.
  • Fox disgusted.
  • Fox.

Fox is a low armored version of the actual Commander Fox lego minifigure.


  • Despite what most people think, he isn't really Commander Fox from the show. He actually was a part of his squad before he joined Base 327. This was mentioned in Happy Halloween.
  • His unit number is CT-1011, which is just above CC-1010's as Fox likes to emulate his former commander.
  • Fox, for many fans of the series, is regarded as their favorite and the best character because of his personality and what he does in the show.
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