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The Excited Clone is always excited about something. He is always portrayed as being high on sugar, and in the Base 327 All-You-Can-Eat Special, drinks a whole bag of suger right when he wakes up at 6:00 A.M.

Roles and apperances in filmsEdit

He stars in "Christmas at Base 327", "Merry Christmas!", "New Year's at Base 327", "The New Guy", "Happy Halloween!", "Christmas at Base 327 2", "Red Squadron Saves Easter", "Happy Thanksgiving!", and "The Commander's Costume" and Imperial Base 327. He is played by Chandler Whittaker and Tristan Davis.He also appears in base 327 No sugar.

What he goes Psycho OverEdit


At the start of "Christmas at Base 327", he is excited that "Santa's Here" and faints. He does this again at the end of "Christmas at Base 327 2".


When a clone finds lightsabers on Christmas Day, the Excited Clone shouts "CANIHAVEONECANIHAVEONECANIHAVEONE?" To which the Commander replies, "Uhhh...sure...". He then grabs a blue one, runs around the room, and faints.

New Year'sEdit

The Excited Clone goes psycho watching the ball drop on New Year's. He faints at the end.

The New GuyEdit

The Excited Clone gets excited about the New Guy as well. He has to be escorted away from the New Guy by two snowtroopers, and then later on, literally breaks a wall just to see him. He doesn't get over it two years later.


He was jumping up and down at the Costume Party at Halloween wearing a Spongebob costume.


He was so excited about candy, it took Rico to go as extreme as a lightsaber duel just to get a piece of candy (that was actually a thermal detonator) out of his hands.


The Excited Clone claims that he's thankful for sugar during Thanksgiving. It's not hard to see why.

Watch this video and skip to 3:45 to see how psycho he is about candy and also be thankful hes not your cousin. There is two things that base 327 doesn't have and that is a sugar cabinet and a pony.
Red Squadron Saves Easter-0

Red Squadron Saves Easter-0

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