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Battle of Base 327 was a planned film for the Base 327 series. In it, a droid army was going to attack the base. Just when all seemed lost, Master Yoda and clone reinforcements were going to drop in and save the day.


Base 327: The New Guy and this film were planned together in 2010, and this film was to be made first. However, it was postponed until after and the New Guy was written into the script. When Christmas at Base 327 2 was being made, it was postponed again until 2011, and Bomby, Bomber, O'Brien, and ARF (the New Recruits) were written into the script. Finally, with Red Squadron Goes to the Movies being filmed and a Base 327 prequel film being written, it was cancelled. Some of the ideas and jokes that were to be used in this film will still be used in upcoming episodes.