Base 327 and the Dark Halloween is the twenty-sixth episode of the Base 327 series. In it, the power goes out in the base during a storm and The Commander sets out to try and fix it. This film uses the main storyline of "Lights Out!", a Base 327 film which was planned in 2010 but later cancelled. It was released on November 10, 2012.

Base 327 and the Dark Halloween-0

Base 327 and the Dark Halloween-0

Comparisons to "Lights Out!"Edit

  • In "Lights Out!", the Excited Clone was going to be the one to try to get the power back on. For "Dark Halloween", it was changed to The Commander.
  • In "Lights Out!", the Excited Clone had to find an emergency generator to power the base until the main generator came back on. In "Dark Halloween", The Commander has to turn on the main generator itself.
  • In "Dark Halloween", The Commander happens upon Creepy Steve, who he mistakes for Slenderman. In "Lights Out!", it was going to be The Janitor mistaken for a skeleton.
  • The campfire in the base and Rico's "toast story" are both taken directly from the original story.
  • Although "Dark Halloween" takes place on Halloween night, "Lights Out!" was going to take place on a regular night.

Background informationEdit

  • Since it was released ten days after Halloween, Taylor made an intro for YouTube, apologizing for the huge delay.