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Base 327.

Base 327 is a Galactic Republic base located on the planet Darrop IV in the Darrop System of the Outer Rim. It was built at the beginning of the Clone Wars using leftover materials from the construction of Base 326, and is used to house all the "defective" clones made on Kamino. It was purposely built in a system far from any Separatist control to keep the clones out of danger.

The walls of the base are (mostly) yellow, black, white, red, blue, grey, and green.

It was redisigned 15 years after the republic became disolved into the Empire becoming blue and white with the Empire symbol on it with new clones and a few really really old ones (Fox, Rico, Red, Bomby and Bomber).

Base 327 is (obviously) the main setting for the Base 327 series.

327 is also the name of the clone trooper squad that the commander is from, the 327th star corps.

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